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5 Great Art Activities for Preschoolers


Group Mural - This is a great activity for parties. Get a roll of brown wrapping paper and put a large section of it on the floor. Supply crayons and markers and give each child a space to draw. Conversations abound as kids work in parallel and collaboration to create a scroll-like picture that can be displayed or rolled up for storage.

Draw to Music - Help your kids get settled with crayons or markers and paper, then put on some inspiring music. Instrumental music with a lot of variety works well. Encourage them to draw how the music makes them feel. Encourage kids to use words to talk about the feelings expressed in the drawings.

Theme Collage - Wrapping paper, old holiday or birthday cards, envelopes, fabric scraps, string and so forth can be used to make collages. The collages can have themes --- based on shapes, colors, textures or concepts --such as Spring or animals. Put the pieces of paper in a container on a table, supply non-toxic paste or glue and a large sheet of paper. There's lots of room for creativity as kids arrange and rearrange each collage piece on the page before making a commitment.

Water Painting - A good warm weather activity. Give each child a paint brush and a small container of clear water. Kids can paint on a sidewalk, wall or other flat surface to their hearts' content. Over time the paintings will evaporate as the water dries. Make sure this activity is done in a safe place (no driveways) and there's an adult keeping a watchful eye.

Chalk Drawings - Also a good outdoor activity. Give kids non-allergic chalk and encourage them to draw on the sidewalk or other suitable surface. Again, make sure this is done in a safe place (no driveways) and that the pieces of chalk are long enough to avoid scraped fingers. Do this in a place where it's okay for the pictures to remain until the next rain.

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